What is a Merchant Cash Advance? or an MCA?

A merchant cash advance (MCA)  is an advance on your credit card sales. Keep reading to learn more about what you should know about how it works, what the costs are, and some of the alternatives to a merchant cash advance.

Use the Capital for Any of Your Business Needs 
 No Restrictions

  • Fill Inventory Orders

  • Upgrade Equipment

  • Recruit New Employees

  • Start a Renovation Project

  • Have Cash for Payroll

  • Pay for Marketing

  • Developments

  • Invest in New Technologies

  • Expand Your Business

We say "YES" when banks say "No"

Your Business Can Grow with an MCA

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance:

  • Remittance based on business’s revenue

  • No set terms

  • Early payoff discounts

  • No restrictions on use

  • No collateral required

  • Free, no obligation quote

  • Working capital from $5K – $2M

How does an MCA work?

We understand that businesses have their ups and downs. Your business may have a few months where sales are booming, and then go through a time when they slowdown. Naturally, you won’t be able to remit the same amount during both periods. 

That’s why with a merchant cash advance, there is a holdback percentage. This is a set percentage that is withheld from your credit card transactions until you satisfy your obligation. That way, you’ll be paying a certain percentage of the sales you make, instead of being held to a set payment amount. 

Businesses that Benefit from MCA's

Merchant cash advances are especially beneficial for business owners in the restaurant, retail and services industries, to name a few. This is because these industries typically receive a large volume of credit card transactions. Businesses that either don’t accept credit cards, or receive credit card transactions infrequently, usually won’t qualify for merchant funding.


If you run a business that primarily accepts credit card transactions, pursuing a merchant cash advance could be the choice that takes your business from good to great!

How to Apply for MCA's

Applying for a merchant cash advance is simpler than you might think! To get started all we need is our application, three months of credit card statements, and three months of bank statements.  If you do not process credit cards, it is OK. We can help set you up. Simply send us 3 months of Bank Statements.


Call us today with any questions:

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Merchant Cash Advance Requirements*

  • 3 months in business 

  • $5,000 minimum in gross sales

  • Credit Score 500+

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